Playoff Pool :

74 Entries

Projected Winnings:

1st - $255
2nd - $175
3rd - $120
4th - $90
5th - $60
6th - $30

Survivor Pool 1 :

$820 dustyscr - Brian M.

I bet against Cleveland all year but they let me down the last two weeks.

Survivor Pool 2 :

$155 mscpaonice - Mike S.
$155 sleepyjoe - Joe L.
$141 los zapatos - David Y.
$99 iceman - George D.

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Updating payment status today (1/8)

For those that haven't paid please send in your entry fee(s) asap.

For some reason GaintDreams entry is listed but the user name is blank. I'm looking into it. 1/7

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Next Year's Opponents

Rich Walker's Weekly CBS Pool

America's Line Spreads

Team Rivalies

Site News : (9/7/16)

Fixed a payment bug for Survivor1. 10/16

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No rule changes!

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For the hard work The Host gets one free entry in each pool.

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