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Red - Amount deducted for playoff entry(s)

Survivor 1:
$212 (-$40) - Mike M1
$196 - SteelerSqueeler
$196 (-$10) - dbllny
$196 (-$20) - Los Zapatos

Survivor 2:
$62 - pdip20
$62 (-$60) - Buttercup
$56 (-$20) - DaniD
$56 (-$20) - Shebester
$51 - Finfan
$51 - steel ordeal
$45 (-$30) - cowboyfan
$45 - Keith
$39 - hoff624
$34 (-$30) - pjd

Have one person that still needs to pay for both pools.

Contact Info:

Email: nfl@murraymadhouse.net

Please use your User Name you are so that questions can be answered in a timely fashion.

Privacy Policy : All information you enter is not used or given out to anyone and only viewable by The Host. I do request that your password is unrelated to important accounts such as bank, email, etc..


Winning Payouts!

Each pool has at least one person that hasn't sent in their entry fee. Winnings will be sent out once each pool is square. Sorry for the delay.

Playoff Pool

Playoff Project Winnings
(if all fees are paid)

1st: 280
2nd: 200
3rd: 140
4th: 100
5th: 70
6th: 40

Will attempt to update the standings as each game progresses.

Updating payments. Think I have everyone that prepaid or recently sent in payment (1/10/14).

Sent email out 1/10 concerning missing fees.

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Sean Murray
369 Stickles Terrace
Kingston, NY 12401

PayPal : nfl@murraymadhouse.net

PayPal has modified their payment layout. (10/2013)
Please be sure to select "I'm sending money to family and friends". Credit card payments are charged a fee. These payments will be returned.

Please contact me if your payment info doesn't appear on your team selection page.

Current team rankings (usa today sports)

Playoff Picture

Site News : (8/21/14)

Future Plans:

- Working on a way to make selecting teams easier for people with multiple entries.

-Adding some kind of indication of your team selection in the login bar.

- Possibly add some stats to the main page.

Other Info :
For a weekly pool consider Rich Walker's CBS Pool. Click on Pool rules for full details. After creating an account use Password: rjsz2013.

America's Line Spreads

Host Entry :
For the hard work The Host gets one free entry in each pool.



As always I'm open to any suggestions as to the operation of the site, which includes the rules and layout. Please email me any ideas no matter how strange.

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